Solar Packages

Bi Facial Solar Panels are the latest and greatest to come from the renewable energy sector. Bi Facials can offer as much as 20% more electricity generation than monofacial products, in optimal conditions

Bifacial Solar Panels: One Big Efficiency Increase of Solar Technology

Turnkey Solar Solutions

Sunrise Solar have Bi-Facial solar panels for majority of their projects.  Bi-Facials are two sided panels, allowing for maximum rentention of sunlight, thus higher energy efficiencies.

For rooftop installations, often Mono Crystalline Panels make the most sense.  The reason for this is because the Bi-Facial Panels 

Accordion Content

Accordion Content

Local Manufacturing Operations

Sunrise Solar has 100 percent complete transparency.  We are locally manufactured, and we recommend that our partner companies come visit our shop to see the operation first hand.

We ensure the highest ethics and safety is met at ALL times.  We do not simply meet industry standards, but we ensure that we surpass them at all times.

We offer a lifetime warranty package with all of our products.  No matter how small the product may be, we will fully replace it at no additional cost

In the facility there is a research and development department.  This is to ensure that we are maximizing efficiencies and lowering costs at all times.  We always stride to be industry leaders, and our R & D team ensures this moving forward.

True Meaning of turnkey

Sunrise Solar prides themselves on making sure your renewable energy experience, is unlike that of any other!  We provide 100% turnkey packages, and send expert team members into the field to ensure the smooth transition for your company, to renewables.  As a company  started in Calgary, Alberta, we have grown accustomed to the Oil & Gas sector literally fueling the local economy.  We do not want to put an end to this.  We simply want to supplement it, clean it up just a little bit, and allow for companies to improve their brand image while contributing to the climate change crisis that is a current reality.

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