Environment, Social, governance

ESG investing is estimated at over $20 trillion in AUM or around a quarter of all professionally managed assets around the world, and its rapid growth builds on the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) movement that has been around much longer. standard practices, turn the negative results into positive solutions.

Who Cares, Wins

What is environment, social, governance?


How do investors measure this?

Investors try to identify how a company performs as a steward of nature


How do investors measure this?

By analyzing a company’s leadership, executive pay,
audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights.


How do investors measure this?

Investors try to identify how the company manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where it operates.

Environmental, Social and Governance issues should be a priority for Boards and management. The advantages of proactively tackling ESG issues are significant. A robust ESG program can open up access to large pools of capital, build a stronger corporate brand and promote sustainable long-term growth benefitting companies and investors. There was a time when a public stance on ESG issues was a public relations tactic. That’s no longer the case.

Why should i care about esg?

Millennials care deeply that the companies they work for (and the businesses they support) embrace values that are aligned with their own. Employees who are passionate about the organization, who are loyal, and who feel valued, drive an intangible good will that strengthens the brand of the company and improves the overall productivity of the workforce.

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In today’s rapidly changing business climate, attention to ESG issues is becoming critical to long-term competitive success.  Major institutional investors are making it clear that they expect the companies they hold to take a proactive approach to ESG policies and messaging. During the 2017 proxy season, State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) put this ethos into action by voting against the re-election of directors at 400 companies that SSGA said failed to make any significant effort to appoint women to their all-male boards.

Accordion Content

It is the generation on social media and online warriors.  People are using viral channels to constantly find holes and flaws in company leading to decline in corporate success.  Take matters into your own hands.  In a society of negative press, show that your company truly cares.

Sustainable/impact investing is actively growing at double-digit rates. According to the US SIF Foundation, total U.S.-domiciled investments using sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) strategies, reached $8.72 trillion, an increase of 33 percent from 2014 and a 14-fold increase since 1995. That’s 1 of every 6 dollars under management.

Investment research and consulting firms like Sustainanalytics and MSCI have developed indices that measure and rank companies based upon ESG. The investment funds and ETFs that benchmark these indices are raising trillions of dollars to invest in companies that execute sound ESG policies; these are long-term oriented shareholders that can potentially fuel demand for your stock.

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